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Unisa Open

Global OER: Open CourseWare Consortia

Consortia providing OpenCourseWare.



ICORE ICORE promotes, supports and enhances Open Research and Open Education worldwide.

Japan OpenCourseWare Consortium (JOCW)

A consortium of Japanese universities which provide OCW contents and activities in Japan.

Open CourseWare Consortium

The Open CourseWare Consortium is a collaborative effort of more than 250 universities around the world.

Opensource OpenCourseWare Prototype System (OOPS) (Taiwan)

Opensource Opencourseware Prototype System (OOPS) is a grass roots effort to localize MIT's OCW into Chinese.

Universia OpenCourseWare (Spanish/Portuguese)

In April 2001, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched the OCW-MIT movement to offer open access to course material used by university staff in their teaching, together with a study guide. Universia has been committed to this project from day one, promoting the OCW Universia Consortium and establishing a partnership agreement with the Polytechnic University of Madrid for joint development of the initiative.